Video Tutorials

Entering a Booking
How to enter a booking 'by hand'; in other words a booking that did not get generated through the website. Also for 'blocks' - maintenance or your own use.

Changing and Editing a Booking
How to edit a booking: Changing the arrival date and time, length of stay, adding phone numbers and editing the name.

Website Integration
Quick video showing you how easy it is to get your website up and running: Just add a link!

Change Account Name
How to change the name of your account!

A Guest Makes a Booking - Part I
What happens when our guest books through the website. What does he experience (so we can guide him) and what emails get generated. See how the calendar gets updated automatically!

A Guest Makes a Booking - Part II
Here we get to know more about the emails that the booking from part 1 generates and how to use the information within those emails.

A Guest Makes a Booking - Part III
See what emails the guest gets from the booking in part 1. Learn what your guest sees and know how to talk to them about it.

Cancelling a Booking
Learn how to refund with ease and how to cancel a booking from the system freeing up your online calendar at the same time).

Emailing a Booking Link
Make booking for your guest super easy. Answer their inquiries with a link where they can book instantly!

Seasonal Prices
How to alter the prices for specific date ranges. Up to 20 different seasons!

Overriding Prices
How to override the price for that special guest, but leaving the settings intact in your account

Your account and Google Calendar
How your account interfaces with Google Calendar

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